I have wanted to create a family tree blog  but put it off for one reason or another.  After attending the First Gallagher Reunion this weekend, I realized it was time.  Cousins wanted to know the stories, “do we have any famous people in our tree?”, “what about Experience, our Native American ancestor?” and “who will carry the torch in the next generation?”.

This reunion started simply with a cousin from San Diego announcing in Feb her plan to vacation at the Jersey Shore in July and suggesting a First Family Reunion.  I was amazed at how people stepped up and performed the duties necessary to carry out a wonderful weekend for the 4 generations that attended ranging in age from 3 to 84.

Planning will be so much easier for the next reunion and I hope to have all the questions answered about our ancestors.  As for who will carry the torch in the next generation, it is plain to see that there is a line of cousins ready to take it on!