I love genealogy.

My passion for this hobby began in 2002.

I love the hunt, the challenge and the connections with new cousins.

I love the trips to archives, historical societies and cemeteries,  I have never come home disappointed.

I love meeting fellow genealogist, speakers and local old-timers with priceless stories of my ancestors and theirs.

This is my joy and my legacy.

This blog has been created to share the stories and photos I have found in researching the Walling family tree and its branches.

It’s a blog for the cousins to leave comments and stories to help the Family Tree continue growing into the next generation.


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  1. Joan Gatturna says:

    Good for you for starting a blog. If you’d be interested in a little piece on my hunt for Mary Walling, I’ll write it up. happy New Year…..cousin Joan

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